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Motivational Interviewing Consulting

Everything you need to achieve profound change

Our Services


Training is all about developing your team's ability to effectively apply Motivational Interviewing. Through our experiential workshops tailored specifically to meet the needs of your team and those they work with, your team will be more prepared and confident to apply Motivational Interviewing in their work.

Common organizational workshops include:

  • Introductory Workshop

  • Intermediate Workshop

  • Advanced Workshop

  • MITI Coding

  • MI and Change Management

  • MI in Leadership Practices

Through the use of the Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity (MITI) coding system, Theory to Action can help develop within your organization an ability to sustain coding internally.  We can also take on your coding needs to ensure reliable and timely data is provided in a meaningful way.  

Programs We've Supported

  • Mental Health Treatment Programs

  • Substance Use Treatment Programs

  • Home Visiting

  • Community Health Workers

  • Health Care Systems

    • Health Coaching

    • General Medicine

    • Behavioral Health

    • Emergency Medicine

    • Nutrition

    • Intensive Care

    • Dentistry

  • ​Children, Youth, and Service 

  • Education

    • Secondary​

    • Higher Education

  • Public Health 

  • Business Leadership

Specialized Advisory Services

One of the biggest obstacles to the successful implementation of Motivational Interviewing in any setting is underestimating the expertise and resources required to achieve success. We will provide you with a path to efficiently and effectively integrate Motivational Interviewing in order to impact the overall quality of your services along with your bottom line. 

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