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MITI Coding

Why coding?

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is an evidence-based intervention which when used correctly, yields positive outcomes. However, learning and applying Motivational Interviewing is challenging and requires coding (data) to support practitioners in their clinical development. 

Coding provides data that ensures this evidence-based intervention is being applied effectively, and also provides an opportunity to share formal, structured feedback to support clinical practice.

What is coding?

Coding a work sample is a way of measuring a practitioner's ability to apply Motivational Interviewing. We work with your team to capture the data you want. 

Coding lab

Whether you are a research institute, a large healthcare system, a community-based agency, or an individual seeking to evaluate and improve your Motivational Interviewing skills, coding is an effective method of providing data. At Theory to Action we have our own coding lab with coding specialists dedicated to ensuring valid, reliable data. 

We will work with your organization to determine your needs and develop a process to record and send us your clinical interactions.  


An additional option is for Theory to Action to support you in the development of your own, internal coding lab. Your own coding lab can be a great way to support system wide implementation so that moving forward you can capture and use data at your own discretion.  


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