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MITI Certification

What is MITI Certification?

A MITI Certification means that an individual has attended a MITI 4.2.1 online Certification training and passed the required online post-test demonstrating an ability to code Motivational Interviewing reliably using the Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity (MITI) tool. 

What does achieving a MITI Certification mean?

Achieving MITI Certification means that an individual:

  1. Understands the global ratings to evaluate the relational and technical elements of MI

  2. Understands how to identify specific behaviors that are desirable and discouraged in MI

  3. Develops methods for establishing, evaluating and maintaining reliability in MITI coding

  4. Can code reliably with the Theory to Action coding lab

Who can attend?

This workshop is appropriate for any beginner coder or person interested in developing proficiency in their coding ability using the MITI. The cost to attend the 3 x half day online certification is $500*.

*20% discount for economically disadvantaged countries and regions

What is the certification process?

In order for participants to receive certification, participants are required to:


1. Attend the entire 3 x half day online training.


Participants are required to complete the full 3 x half days of training in order to be eligible for certification. No exceptions will be made for participants who do not complete the full training.  Participants are expected to have a copy of the MITI 4.2.1 manual.


2. Complete and pass the Competency Test and Demonstrate Coding Reliability through 2 post-training coding exercises.


Upon completion of the 3 x half day online training, participants seeking certification must complete: a 10-question multiple choice Competency Test online, and 2 post-training coding exercises for Demonstrating Coding Reliability. Both components must be completed within 30 days of the final day of your attended workshop. 

Participants who are not able to demonstrate reliability with the Theory to Action coding lab will be offered additional resources and support and can retake the post-training coding exercises up to two additional times to achieve certification.


What does Certification renewal look like?

In order for Certified MITI coders to maintain their certification status they must complete annually: an online Competency Test and an online Reliability Demonstration. Participants will pay an annual fee that covers the cost of maintaining their certification. Certified MITI coders will provide evidence of their coding work or participate in coding exercises provided by Theory to Action (coding exercises are completed online).


Certified MITI Coders in good standing complete the following annually online:


  1. Competency Test: 10 multiple choice questions

  2. Reliability Demonstration: 2 MITI coding samples 

  3. Evidence of Coding: 6 MITI coding samples 

  4. Fee $100* (covers the cost of maintaining the certificate) *50% discount on annual renewal for economically disadvantaged countries and regions


* Participants seeking renewal must pass both the written test and reliability demonstration. Those who don’t pass will receive support from a coding specialist and can retake the test up to three times.


Participants who allow their certification to lapse are eligible to renew their certification at the cost of $100 (in addition to the annual $100 fee) up to two years following the lapse of their certification, in addition to passing another Competency Test and Reliability Demonstration.


The Ethics of using the MITI

People who become MITI certified are required to sign a code of ethics ensuring that:

  1. Certified MITI coders will only use the MITI in settings for which they are qualified.

  2. Certified MITI coders can not use data from the MITI to provide clinical supervision unless they hold the proper clinical licensure to do so.

  3. Certified MITI coders agree not to use data from the MITI to fire or discipline another person. 

Please note: The Theory to Action MITI Certification training is endorsed by the creators of the MITI coding tool. The audiotapes used in the training are coded by the coding team of Denise Ernst, PhD and the post-training exam audiotapes are gold-standard, meaning coded and double-coded by the creators of the MITI.

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