MITI Certification Requirements and Details

We are excited that you are interested in registering for the MITI Certification training on September 16th – 18th 2021! 

We are honored to have Dr. Theresa (Terri) Moyers PhD as our Keynote Speaker. 

We aim for this Certification training to be accessible to anyone for whom this would be helpful, so we have decided to offer the training on Zoom.  

Resources required for the training:  

  • MITI Coding Manual (version 4.2.1). The tool can be downloaded and printed here: 

  • Zoom access with a working microphone and video camera: The training will be conducted via Zoom, and attendees will need to be able to actively participate in discussions each day of the training.  


The training will consist of slides, live coding, discussions, break out rooms - and more. 


Certification Training Cost: $600


Location: Zoom


Time: 8:00 am – 1:00 pm each day (Pacific Time)


No refunds after 8th September 2021. 


Trainers: Karin Wilson, MA and Christina Phillips, MA 



This training is a requirement in order to achieve MITI Certification.


Upon completion of the certification training, participants seeking MITI Certification must also complete:


1)    A 10-question multiple choice Competency Test (online)

2)    2 post-training coding exercises which will serve as a Demonstration of Coding Reliability (online).  

Both components must be completed within 30 days of the final day of your attended workshop.


Annual Certification:


In order to re-certify on an annual basis after you have attended the MITI Certification training, the following are required: 


1.    Complete an annual Competency Test online (10 questions, multiple choice).

2.    Reliability Demonstration: Every 12 months, complete 2 MITI exam coding submissions. Exam coding submissions will be based on audio recordings provided by Theory to Action. Your codes on these two exam coding submissions will be compared to gold standard codes of the exam audio recordings, and feedback will be provided on your codes.

3.    Evidence of Coding: 6 MITI coding submissions to Theory to Action per year. We will place an audio recording in Dropbox every two months for those who choose to code the provided 6 audios for re-certification. Alternately, proof of coding 6 audiotapes of your own possession, within a 12-month period is fine. *If you choose to provide codes from your own audio recordings, please ensure no identifying information is included in your codes.

4.    Annual certification renewal fee of $120.